crystal + jon {fullerton,ca}

Posted: Wednesday, September 29, 2010 | Posted by connie lyu | Labels: , ,

This shoot was so fun (and long)... so brace yourself for a barrage of photos. Crystal was my small group leader my freshman year of college and to this day is one of the older women whose company I love and whose counsel and wisdom I respect the most. Plus, she is just drop dead gorgeous (Jon, you are a lucky man!).

I'm so happy for you guys, Crystal and Jon! Can't wait till the wedding!

Can you believe that this was Crystal's front porch? Looks like such a lovely little cafe spot!

Next, we drove by an abandoned train + track... and decided to have some fun!

... and this is when a policeman drove in and told us to leave. This is why my philosophy is shoot and then ask permission. :) You end up with awesome photos by a yellow train!

Congrats Crystal and John! For the engagement... and for being so ridiculously good looking.


  1. sammy s said...
  2. great job connie! you are super talented! :) beautiful couple. and i like your pic of yourself on the top. its so cute.

  3. Charissa said...
  4. yes! i can finally comment!
    just for the record, i like the last 4 pictures and the train picture withouth their heads (the wind blowing is a nice touch, haha) the best! also, the picture where jon is holding the rabbit. haha.

  5. Tommy said...
  6. if i were getting married... i would hire you. but too bad you can't do your own wedding. you are the best!!!

  7. Elizabeth said...
  8. I think these photos belong in an anthropologie, J.Crew, or Urban Outfitters catalog. You really ought to consider commercial photography because you have an amazing & versatile style! Can't stop looking at your photos!!!

  9. Lynn said...
  10. i love what you've done to the place (blog) and what an incredible shoot. this would make an insanely memorable album... especially if the policeman gave you guys ticket :)

  11. jT said...
  12. the pp's and diamonds are off da chain. way to be sirrrr.

  13. John said...
  14. 喜歡,妳可是攝影的 藝術家. artist!
    Very nice, and I like it.

  15. wendy said...
  16. Connie these pictures are so beautiful! Phoebe is so lucky to have you as her wedding photographer. Can't wait for it :)