katie + steven, part 1 {menifee,ca}

Posted: Friday, April 15, 2011 | Posted by connie lyu | Labels: , ,

Remember Katie and Steven from the engagement I shot a while back? Well, here comes the beautiful wedding at their home in Menifee! As the story goes, Katie and Steven met at a dance where they both got down to “Rock Lobster” by The B-52s. How can you not love this couple?

And oh yes, that is a number! Yes... this is only part one.

I'm sorry I'm so bad at choosing a smaller number of photos to share...but then again I'm not sorry. Katie is such a drop dead gorgeous bride that it was too hard!  (Thanks for asking me to shoot with you Lynn !)

I loved that the maid of honor (Katie's older sister) had a dress whose colors were the inverse of the rest of the bridesmaids' dresses.

Is it weird that I'm really happy Katie's mom wore red nail polish? It just pops out of the photo!

Isn't she stunning?

Loved this vintage mirror they had lying around!

First look:

Can't wait to show you more! Stay tuned... meanwhile check out Lynn's shots of the wedding!


  1. Charissa said...
  2. what a beautiful wedding!! i love the style of it & you did a great job capturing it perfectly <3

  3. Kelly Frances said...
  4. you take such beautiful photos girl!

  5. Elite said...
  6. connie! i love this entry!! :) loved every single photo & what a beautiful wedding~