jee + tim, engagement {santa barbara, ca}

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Tim goes over to hang out with a friend and Jee, the girl who said friend wants to set up with Tim. The catch? Jee was the only one with no idea.

A sweet fact: Tim later asked Jee out with latte art (the man makes a mean cup of coffee i am told)!  The beginning of a wonderful love story between a sweet southern boy from alabama and an equally sweet Jee. :)

People like Jee and Tim remind me why I love being a wedding photographer. I've just gotten to get to know them not too long ago, but they are such a joy and blessing to know. They are people I want to keep in touch with, way after the wedding. The way they care and serve one another, their service to their church families and the countless "I love Tim and Jee!"s I've heard from mutual friends the past few months are only a few of the many hints/traces of the kind of people they are. In the months leading up to their engagement session, I would even get emails from Jee telling me that she loved a recent post I put up or that she was so happy I was her wedding photographer. Jee & Tim, I'm the lucky one. Can't wait to see you guys get hitched!

We decided to have our shoot up north in beautiful Santa Barbara (I tried to cut down an otherwise humungo shoot, I swear!) :

what better way to start off a cold day than with some mcconnell's ice cream!

Tim was actually sick that day...such a sport eating that ice cream ;)!

Since this was Tommy's hood, he helped find some pretty awesome locations to shoot in. Can you believe this lemon grove was only a couple minutes from his house?


This was a music box with music played by tim himself (piano major!) and given to Jee during the proposal. Um, can you say romantic?


If you're wondering why that particular piece of's the song being played in the music box!


  1. Charissa said...
  2. :D :D ~beautiful~ love the ice cream & blanket shots!

  3. Chris Radley Photography said...
  4. Love the location and such a cute couple. Love everything about this shoot from the ice creams to the blanket shots. Really beautiful!

  5. Chris said...
  6. Love the shots Connie.

    DARN YOU TIM and your dashing good looks. You make it look so easy.