may babies

Posted: Tuesday, May 31, 2011 | Posted by connie lyu | Labels: , ,

T and i are both may babies, so... celebrating 2 birthdays in one month? totally awesome. we're both not big on our own birthdays, but celebrating birthdays for the other is wonderful. too bad T's birthday fell on memorial day when crowds run rampant and fun things are closed.

instead, we enjoyed a relaxing, low-key day walking around and window-shopping at the grove in LA and lunch at bottega louie. after first time there, i couldn't wait to go again! the portobello fries are to die for. 

well, on with the show!

not the greatest picture from a moving car, but i just love the beautiful type all over the place!

i wish i could hire some visual merchandisers from anthro to decorate my wedding.

cool old-fashioned barber shop:

T and i agreed that this barber had so much swag. (T had a man-crush on him )

macaroons are like good looking, photogenic little people. you just can't go wrong when taking a photo of them.

tell me the bartender doesn't look like conan o' brien! uncanny!

my best friend. oh, i mean the macaroon. just kidding.

a great ending to a short but sweet birthday.


  1. ashley said...
  2. looks like you had a perfect day!! love the shots! happy birthday. :) (may babies are the best)

  3. connie said...
  4. thanks ash! may babies are definitely the best :)