charlotte + dano, pt.3 {san diego,ca}

Posted: Sunday, August 29, 2010 | Posted by connie lyu |

Since this was so long-awaited, I combined the last two parts (the reception and post-wedding photos into one)! So beware, this is a very long post. There were so many beautiful details that it was like pulling teeth trying to limit myself. Enjoy! :)

Charlotte and Daniel have so many talented friends! I had to keep looking upstage to remind myself that it wasn't a recording that was playing!

They used a photo from the engagement shoot I did for them for the frame on the right!

Just like her dress, this cake topper was passed down! :)

After the reception, we headed over to a local Starbucks. Why this Starbucks? It was where they met!

Each bridesmaid had a unique and adorable necklace that Charlotte purchased from Etsy (I'll link to the maker if I find out!).

What a beautiful bride (inside and out)!

Charlotte and Daniel are so in love with one another. :) It was such a privilege shooting your wedding and I wish you two a fruitful and blessed life together!