crystal + jon wedding {anaheim, ca}

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My friends Crystal and Jon got married this weekend! Woo (which, coincidentally is Crystal's new last name)!!! I'm glad I got to attend as a guest, because it was so nice to see old-ish friends and not have to worry about missing a shot. Plus it was great to see the wedding come together (since I got to help with some of the paper goods), it was really a lovely wedding.

I really regret that this was my only shot of them semi-up close. With all the catching up with friends and having to leave early, this was all I could get. I'm really sad because Crystal was such a beautiful bride too. While I'm wishing, I wish I got a shot of her bouquet because it looks so beautiful from here.

To the left, one of my most favorite (nope, not redundant) ladies ever. Today actually marks the 2-year anniversary of her getting hitched! Congrats Sabrina! :)

떡 (korean rice cakes) for guests to eat between the ceremony and reception!


Their reception was held at the Sheraton Anaheim Hotel:

From my engagement session with them! :)

Can you tell I was a little obsessed with the cake + wallpaper?

Tiny jam favors!

Loved the florals at this wedding :).  Anyways, that's all folks, because after this we started eating and then had to leave early :(.

Congratulations Crystal and Jon! May God bless your marriage abundantly!


  1. Nathan said...
  2. nice work!! it looks so easy for you to create good work!

  3. Charissa said...
  4. cute! i love the cake/ wallpaper too! you did a great job capturing all angles. haha. it was like it was meant to be! love the frosty berries & leaves> very wintery.