lani + chris {engagement}

Posted: Monday, April 4, 2011 | Posted by connie lyu | Labels: , ,

Lani and Chris met online. Chris was extremely nervous but Lani kept her cool. Lani brought two handmade felt birds and told herself that if it went well, she'd give them to Chris...if not, she'd keep them.  Let's just say the birds still sit on Chris' dashboard :).

When Lani first contacted me about an engagement shoot, she was worried because she and Chris are very shy. Even during the shoot they were so nervous still, but they had nothing to worry about right? ;)  Honestly, I always feel very awkward when I get my photo taken, so I could definitely understand and tried my best to make the shoot as relaxed and low-key as possible, yet still giving a picture of who they are together. Hopefully we succeeded :).

Our first stop: South Pasadena library.

look at this adorable banner/sign lani made... because she was bored the night before. she makes it look so easy:

The birds Lani made for Chris!

what a cutie.

Chris loves the beatles, can you tell? :)

a furry friend interrupted us.

We also stopped by a really adorable shop called Yolk. I know it has nothing really to do with anything, but go check it out!


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  2. love these pictures connie! especially the library pictures :) :)