day-trip {santa barbara,ca}

Posted: Wednesday, November 3, 2010 | Posted by connie lyu | Labels: ,

Here are the rest of the pictures I promised from my day trip up to Santa Barbara last Friday!

Succulents galore!

The two we picked out: I've named them Oliver (left) and Basil (right). :) Yes, Basil is having a identity crisis.

It was a beautiful day!

What's fall without giant leaves the size of your head?

A stray dog appeared to show us the way... he even waited for us.

Next stop....

Lane Farms pumpkin patch!

We decided to enter a maze. Should be fun right?

At first it was fun..

And then everything started to look the same and we started panicking.. It took us almost 20 minutes to get out.

We bought some cupcakes from Crush Cakes near State street. :)

And then we went home and relaxed. A perfectly perfect fall day :).


  1. Charissa said...
  2. ooh i love the succulent garden! this looks like a fun date!

  3. jennifer ▲ i art u said...
  4. such yummy photos!! when are we going to shoot together?!?