hello, 2011 {santa monica, ca}

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On new years, a couple friends from SD who all love photography came up to LA and we walked around Santa Monica enjoying some drinks + eats and shooting!

First we stopped by the Intelligentsia in Venice for some coffee:

I like that everything looked like test tubes and beakers:

There was a surprise at the completion of my drink :)

Then, off we walked around Venice!

The lighting wiz setting up for a group shot:

I love all the red accents I saw...

Our next destination was Sweet Rose Creamery in Santa Monica! (Featured on Unique Eats)

So good.... salted caramel ice cream. *Drool*

R + D
for dinner! I thought the food was just okay... but maybe I should've ordered something else.

We found that the napkins had little holes to attach on collar buttons. Well, or jean buttons...

Great way to start the new year!


  1. Anonymous said...
  2. these are truly splendid! i love all the details!

    xo Alison

  3. Tommy said...
  4. You're AMAZING!!!
    You're the BEST!!!

    Your #1 Fan

  5. carmenicole said...
  6. Lovely! Everything's darling! What camera are you shooting with?

  7. ashley said...
  8. ammazing pictures. i loved looking thru them!!