Utterly Engaged: drybar behind-the-scenes {west hollywood, ca}

Posted: Wednesday, February 9, 2011 | Posted by connie lyu | Labels: , , ,

Last month UE did a photoshoot at the Dry Bar in west hollywood. We all got there bright and early at ...*drumroll* 5AM! Although sleepy-eyed and sleep-deprived, all the pros came with it and pulled off a beautiful shoot. I'm so lucky to be a part of UE :) I got to shoot some behind-the-scenes and detail shots for your viewing pleasure!

I loved the "bride"s socks!

Look at all the lovely hair accessories!


Concept Design: Lucia Dinh of Utterly Engaged
Event Design & Styling: Esther Kim of My Bride Story
Floral Design & Styling: Fleuretica
Model Styling: Ruche
Photography: Ja Tecson
Videography: Cloud 9 Cinematography
Cake Design: Erica O'brien
Stationery Design: Alchemy Events
Make Up: 10.11 Make Up
Hair: The Dry Bar
Hair Accessories: Petit Plume
Food Styling: Kristine Shin Designs

If you haven't checked out the newest issue of Utterly Engaged, check it out here.


  1. sammy s said...
  2. wow this truly was for my viewing pleasure. great eye, connie! :)

  3. Clin said...
  4. you are an amazing photographer! it makes me want to take some pictures right now....

  5. Christine Lu said...
  6. Oh my gosh, how is everything so detailed and beautiful. Great shots, as usual connie. =)

  7. Charissa said...
  8. eeeh! so pretty. i like the first shot + the citrus/grapefruit slices + the picture of the girls laughing at the end. seriously, so good. so pro. i'm going to re-do my wedding so you can shoot it.

  9. Charissa said...
  10. oh and the guy, ja tecson that shot the wedding. we looked into him for our wedding but he was too $$ for us. but so good too!

  11. Lynn said...
  12. sweeeee-eeet. that must have been a cool event to be apart of!

  13. Tommy said...
  14. don't break up with me when you become famous and other famous photographers holler at you.

  15. MinYah said...
  16. highfive