lauren + colin {engagement}

Posted: Monday, March 7, 2011 | Posted by connie lyu | Labels: , , ,

I love that I get to work with couples who are so relaxed, comfortable and so stinking nice.  Makes my job so much better!  Lauren and Colin were no different :). The two met and fell for each other on a long road trip with friends and it has been a simple sweet story every since. We shot around areas in San Marino and South Pasadena.

I'll be shooting their wedding this summer in Fallbrook, so keep an eye out for this lovely couple again!

Lauren is a PA student and Colin is a high school English teacher; love the books they chose! :)

We had a bit of a fail with the blowing of the blossoms.


  1. Liz said...
  2. that's south pasadena! :)

  3. Charissa said...
  4. cuteee! you did a good job capturing their happiness :)

  5. Emily Yao said...
  6. what a great shoot! and south pas HURRRAYY!!! :)

  7. the teacup chronicles said...
  8. what?!! I went to school with both of them! Colin was an English major with me at cal poly! such a rad couple!! when you shoot them in the fall, say hi for me!! ahh my world is shrinking and my mind is blown!

  9. the teacup chronicles said...
  10. p.s. adorable work, connie :)