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Posted: Thursday, March 10, 2011 | Posted by connie lyu | Labels: , ,

cleaning a bit today and just felt like snapping some shots. thought you all would enjoy them as well.


borders is closing out many of its stores...which means sales galore! this was the only book i could snatch up that looked remotely interesting in the pile of mess that was left on the shelves in the art section.


bracelet I made! check out the tutorial at honestlywtf.




found this whilst cleaning today. my favorite project i made in a 2d (loose term in our class...) art course i took in college. some of the items i used: newspaper, tree bark, cloth, gum wrapper.


my business card! the worst part about designing stuff for yourself is how fickle it makes you. i just got these printed and i already want to change the design.



  1. ashley said...
  2. connie, i love all your snaps! so inspiring.

  3. Anonymous said...
  4. wow. these are fantastic! i adore the color + textures!

    xo Alison