ue new years' party

Posted: Monday, March 21, 2011 | Posted by connie lyu | Labels: , ,

i must be the worst blogger known to man to be posting this... but here are some photos from UE's new years party! amongst all the other photos i need to edit, this definitely went on the back-burner...and burnt to a crisp. hopefully you still want this piece of toast. now i am not only the worst blogger but analogy-creator as well.

our note to future self idea was a hit!

the food was breakfast-themed :)

my favorite table spread of the night!

winner of the design challenge:

yes that is popcorn! that sure fit the "pop" of snap crackle pop!

the UE team:


  1. Tommy said...
  2. great pictures connie! no surprise there :)

  3. jennifer ▲ i art u said...
  4. absolutely lovely. i feel like i was there (i WISH i was there!)!

  5. Charissa said...
  6. i'm loving the sequin tablecloth & sparkly curtain. awessomeee pictures :D